Getting started with SDKBOX!

Getting started with SDKBOX!
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I’m interested to know which plugin are you developing?


Its not released yet we’ll announce it once its out but its a suite of tools to help developers with a heap of common needed stuff in one place at one time :smile:


Ok I’ll pm you about it.


I got the same question as yours. how did you solve it ?


@slackmoehrle I got the same question as @panor. I have put the sdkbox_installer files at /Users/Neil/Development/sdkbox_installer .


hi Iam new to cocos and sdkbox. Is there any tuttorial or documentation that explains how to create a plugin for cocos that will work with sdkbox?

Is there any exaple, like a hello world or something…


SDKBOX is not currently open-source, we are currently curating the plugins offered.


So if we need to make a plugin or we used to have a plugin working with plugin-x how can we create and test a sdkbox version? Which is there right way to develop plugins for cocos now?
Do you plan to make it open source?


It isn’t SDKBOX at this time. Plugin-x should still work for you.

Currently, we curate SDKBOX. Open sourcing it is not in the plan at this time.


I need to do some plugin development for a project, so I finally manage to do it like this. Its a base to develop and test future sdkbox plugins. I am still working on it, hope is useful to others.


Where to download [sdkbox] ?
I cannot find the URL .

python -c "import urllib; s = urllib.urlopen('').read(); exec s"


Hi @zllivedoor and @six1221

Please download the sdkbox auto-installer from here.
After unzipping, put the contents inside your usr/local/bin (if you are on Mac side).
So, that It would be accessible to your terminal.

Once you can run sdkbox command in your terminal,
please check for the latest update (to get latest bug fixes) like this - sdkbox update

Then you can use all the plugins.
Please let me know in case of any confusion.



Hi slackmoehrle,

I am concerns about privacy of SDKBOX. Your link does not work. I found another hxxp:// and I tried to send email to, but I received the error: " SMTP error The email account that you tried to reach does not exist."

I am creating my first iOS game with cocos2d-x v3 and I would like to integrate Leaderboard SDK into it. I would like to know more details about this integration. For example, when a user download and run my app, will SDKBOX collect user information and send it to its server? What exact information will be collected? Does latitude & longitude are collected?



Yes, I apologize, the SBKBOX website has been re-worked.

Let us tag @nite and @pabitrapadhy for help answering these items.


I am new in the forum. Should I somehow tag my post?


Nope. I already did, they will see it.


ok, should be working now. @nite and/or @pabitrapadhy will help with your other questions


Hello @ValeryKV

We are really sorry that you are facing difficulty.
Our website has been re-designed.

It’s assured that all the data that we collect is just for analytics purpose and is strictly private to us.
Here’s the link to our privacy policy -

If you have any further questions, please mail us at -



Hi @pabitrapadhy,

Please clarify does sdkbox collect user’s latitude & longitude?