Get list friend Facebook sdkbox

i can’t get list friend facebook by using sdkbox . I’m try to use sdkbox.PluginFacebook.login(["public_profile",'user_friends'])
and then i use sdkbox.PluginFacebook.getPermissionList() , but it just return public_profile and
after that i try to sdkbox.PluginFacebook.fetchFriends() but it return underdefined . My app in developement mode

fetchFriends just your friends that are using the app.

yeah i know . I added two of my friends to the tester list and my friend has logged into the app @htlxyz

i think you should check tester’s permission .

You should check which permissions the user has actually granted your app - you may not have all of the permissions you asked for in the permissions parameter, as the user may have authorized the app for some but not others. from the below link: