GDC 2017 - we need your help!

GDC 2017 - we need your help!

I know I asked for footage in a previous post, but I’m not getting everything that I need.

Take a look at:

Unity demo video GDC 2016
Unreal demo video GDC 2016

I know that there is a lot of 3D stuff in here, but what I am after is EYE CANDY. We need to be able to show users coming to the booth that they can use Cocos2d-x to make great games.

Can anyone help me with eye candy? If so, e-mail me.


Maybe the below can help in the search:

God Bless…



I send some links in mail to you.

Many top cocos games are in east Asia. It’s a pity that they probably have no English version.

For US market, please pick up from this list. I’m not sure if they are eye candy.

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I will look over this list too. I have some eye candy games already in Final Cut

Been working on Gummy Gush for about 2 years now, check out one of our combo animations done with Cocos2d-x:

Other titles:

Fire Emblem Heroes by Nintendo, I saw that there’s a in their APK. @slackmoehrle please recheck this before you show this title.

Ketchapp Winter Sports:
Ketchapp Summer Sports:
Ketchapp Basketball:

@walzer. Ok. it does show I wonder if I they would reply and tell me for sure. I’ll try.

@crugthew I am not sure these games are eye candy enough.

hi @slackmoehrle, I’ll discuss with my team to give you a demo video for our games that built on cocos2d-x. We have 2 games which use cocos2d-x but one is only published on South East Asia market:

  1. Raiders Quest RPG -
    -AppStore link
    -PlayStore link
  2. BoBoiBoy: Power Spheres (Proprietary)
    -SEA PlayStore link
    -SEA AppStore link

I’ll contact you on email later after we’ve decided to put our games in the Cocos2d-x Game Showreel


@wiwing this game looks awesome. Downloading now! :smiley:

@slackmoehrle try my games! I’m still working on the actual game design 'cause ship first, ask questions later :wink: but the artwork is incredible ArtDeco and shipping on iOS/Android. Links:



cool ! so, isn’t that featured game section in page little outdate ?

Thanks for reminding me. We will update it asap.

Jason – What booth will you be in at the 2017 GDC? And are there any presentations at this year’s GDC on cocos2d-x topics?

We share a booth with ARM.

@ricardo can provide more specifics.

We’ll be at inside the ARM booth.
I think I’ll give a talk about Cocos Creator but I still don’t know the date/hour.