[Game] Minesweeper Go

[Game] Minesweeper Go


I want to share my project that I’m working on.

Minesweeper GO is a clone of classic minesweeper game but with a lot of advanced features that experienced minesweepers I hope would like.

Some notable features:

  • Each game is recorded and can be playback later.
  • Online World Ranking list
  • Recursive chord options
  • Advanced metrics (3BV/s, Taps/s, RQP, IOE, IOS, etc)
  • Custom board generation with full control of 3BV values
  • Cheats :wink:

A lot of new features will be available with next updates.
I would like to hear your opinions about Minesweeper Go game.

Beta version of Minesweeper Go can be installed from Android play market

Minesweeper Go is implemented by using cocos2d-x v3.14.1
Thanks Cocos team for the great product.


A new update to Minesweeper GO is live (v1.0.12)

Latest update include:

  • UI theming support

  • Simple sound effects

  • Implemented vibration on long taps

And a lot of bug fixes and improvements

Minesweeper Go can be installed from Android play market

Looks a nice game. Kinda remind me when I was at my school’s computer lab.

Minesweeper GO is released to public!

After six months of initial beta release Minesweeper GO has come a long way and at last released to public.
I am very grateful to all of you for support and testing.

Get it on Android play market

Minesweeper GO Update (v1.0.34)

While playing minesweeper sometimes you’ll get to that point that you can’t move forward by using logic so you’ll have to pick squares randomly.
This update brings some unique features that will help you resolve or completely avoid such annoying situations.


  • Magic Wand of Luck. Depending on the state of target square after magic wand is charged appropriate action will be applied: flag will be set if there is a mine or square will be uncovered if it is safe.
    This is powerful tool so to keep balance you no longer have any excuse to make a mistake. You will lose instantly if try to use magic wand while any logical solutions exist.

  • Guess Free mode. In this mode logical solution is guaranteed for any minefield. You can turn on guess free boards in game settings.

  • Smart Hints. Smart hint shows you tile configurations with safe squares that can be uncovered given the current state of the board. They not only indicate safe squares but also explain why they are safe.
    The mechanism of generating hints doesn’t have access to yet uncovered squares. It only knows as much as a player knows.

  • A lot of improvements and bug fixes

Get it on Google Play

Happy minesweepіng!