[Game] Minesweeper Go

[Game] Minesweeper Go
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I want to share my project that I’m working on.

Minesweeper GO is a clone of classic minesweeper game but with a lot of advanced features that experienced minesweepers I hope would like.

Some notable features:

  • Each game is recorded and can be playback later.
  • Online World Ranking list
  • Recursive chord options
  • Advanced metrics (3BV/s, Taps/s, RQP, IOE, IOS, etc)
  • Custom board generation with full control of 3BV values
  • Cheats :wink:

A lot of new features will be available with next updates.
I would like to hear your opinions about Minesweeper Go game.

Beta version of Minesweeper Go can be installed from Android play market

Minesweeper Go is implemented by using cocos2d-x v3.14.1
Thanks Cocos team for the great product.


A new update to Minesweeper GO is live (v1.0.12)

Latest update include:

  • UI theming support

  • Simple sound effects

  • Implemented vibration on long taps

And a lot of bug fixes and improvements

Minesweeper Go can be installed from Android play market


Looks a nice game. Kinda remind me when I was at my school’s computer lab.


Minesweeper GO is released to public!

After six months of initial beta release Minesweeper GO has come a long way and at last released to public.
I am very grateful to all of you for support and testing.

Get it on Android play market