[Game] Cubemon Ninja School

[Game] Cubemon Ninja School

Hi everyone.
Is our game Cubemon Ninja School.
It is create on c++ cocos2d-x v2.2.5 and CocoStudio v1.2.0.1.
iOS, android, blackberry

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Congrats on the release. I just downloaded and I can’t figure out how to play. There are no instructions or tutorial. I just keep dying about 5-8 seconds in when I am hit. I don’t know what to do.


The hero moves to the position of your finger on the device screen.
All you need is to move your finger across the screen, and the character will follow him.


I downloaded the game,and I liked (reach Warrior level).
Under the best score label, there are some number, what they mean?

Only for information:

  • Are you actually working in game dev?
  • How many people worked in this project and how they contributed?
  • How much time did you spend to make the game?
  • What did you find the most difficult to code in the game?
  • How do you promote your game?
  • Are you working in new versions of Cubemon Ninja School, or is in the final version?
  • What do you enjoy the most in Cubemon Ninja School?

Please, share your experience with other cocos users to improve our community!


Under the best score label, there are some number, what they mean?

This is the rating received by the player: peasant, dojo cleaner, dojo kitchener etc.

We don’t work at game dev, it’s still our hobby.
But we plan to officially open our Studio in the future.
Two people worked on the project.
Everything is done by yourself: code, graphics, animation, sounds, music, effects.
Video and articles also do themselves.
Time to develop this game took about a month.
This is the fourth game of our series of mini-games about the yellow squirrel.
All our games we do in the evening after work, as well as on weekends.
We ordered a review here, but the result was much lower than we expected.
Most likely this is the final version of the game.
We thought of making Cubemon Ninja School 2, but so far no time and no good idea.
Personally, I really like the process of creating a game and my colleague.

Since the release of this game for blackberry took almost six months, before we decided to publish it for android and ios.
In this time, we have developed other games and applications.

If there are additional questions, I am ready to answer them.

Our game for the second time got promotion in the BlackBerry world!