[GAME] Crushing Blocks on iOS and Android

[GAME] Crushing Blocks on iOS and Android

Hey everyone,

I’ve been working with Cocos Creator for a few months and have spent a lot of time on this forum reading up on what developers have been up to lately and as a result, I’ve decided to share what I’ve been up to… I’m always curious to see what others have developed yet many don’t post their latest creations. So I will :slight_smile:

Crushing Blocks is my latest app release. This is an endless puzzle which is easy to play; simply tap to match the blocks by color. I’ve played this game a lot prior to releasing it. Yesterday I played the insane difficulty level for quite a few hours and had a lot of fun. The game plays at your own pace yet my main goal was to make it capable of fast gameplays since the controls are extremely simple and don’t take much effort or time.

Crushing Blocks for iOS
Crushing Blocks for Android

Nice game, congrats.

Congrats on releasing your game.

Thank you for the kind words.