[GAME] Color Jump - Hyper Casual Arcade Game

[GAME] Color Jump - Hyper Casual Arcade Game


Hi everyone.
This is our new game Color Jump.
We have used Cocos Creator 2.x and SDKBOX for the game.
It is avaible on the Apple and Google Play Store (with Instant version).

You can check other games :+1:

Apple Store:

Google Play:


Congrats on releasing your game!



Wasn’t it hard to code with Creator? Because it seems still it has bugs especially UI side.


Well done, what a creative nice game.


No It wasn’t. It’s a single screen game and not complicated. Also everything in the game screen is created dynamically. This is the first game which we developed with Cocos Creator.


Well as a beginner, this was amazing to me, maybe to people who are experienced such as yourself, this is not that good. But i think the concept is nice and unique!


Good job if so. I hope you will be placed in top 10 :slight_smile:


Oh, man, it looks amazing!
I like that you have many variations of bonuses.

I don’t really like black particle emitter, it looks a little dirty.

I was thinking about similar mechanics, but in my version additional orbits were generated, but in the end I decided that it is too difficult to play, and it remained as the draft.

How long you worked on the project?