Future Developer Questions

Future Developer Questions

Greetings everyone, I was a little curious in Cocos2d Creator development environment a while back but never had the chance to begin. Today I want to set foot in the right direction but have several questions if possible.

  1. If I produce a game in Cocos2d, I know that its cross platform between android and iOS, but am I restricted to using a specific language if I want it to be a native application?
  1. I have messed around with Unity before but it was too complicated for my product idea (Game), if I want to produce a 2D multiplayer game, can Cocos2d handle what Unity can for supporting 2D games without physics?
  1. I am a little confused about the SDK’s that Cocos2d offers, are they similar to libraries such that they extend your applications features? Like Game Center support or App Store purchases?

I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this,

~ Cosmic

Before I answer your questions, how do you mean cocos2d? Do you mean cocos2d-x, cocos2d-obj-c, cocos2d-iphone? You mention Creator but you called it cocos2d Creator which technically could be 2 very different solutions.

Or do you mean Cocos Creator and cocos2d was a typo?

Cocos creator certainly can effortlessly meet your need. Be it cocos2d-x. even better, but taking you mentioned Cocos creator, I will be honest in saying, I am yet to see a more extremely intricate game, quality AAA, made by Cocos Creator

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whats a game youd call extremely intricate or quality AAA

Apologize, I guess I have to review my materials a bit kore before posting. Is Cocos2D different than Cocos Creator? Does one not implement each other or is each one unique for three application your producing? Thanks again.

@CosmicNova Yes.

Cocos2d is a historical naming convention for cocos2d-iphone and/or cocos2d-python and/or cocos2d-objc. These are all pretty old now.

cocos2d-x is our C++/JavaScript/Lua engine.

Cocos Creator is our all-in-one tool for creating and developing games in JavaScript/TypeScript. Think of it as a Unity style environment, if you are familiar with Unity.

Well, this is hard to answer. I know we don’t have something to the level of say Super Meat Boy, but there are large studios using Creator now and we should start seeing releases. We will be doing a few interviews with these studios in the coming future. I’m actually scheduling a few of these now.

It’s hard, as we don’t ask you to identify yourself when downloading our products. This means that we don’t always know who is using our tools until we see a cool game released. So there are games out there.

Everybody talked that was a difference, but no one said what was.

Cocos2d-x -> C++, engine itself, no visual editor, better performance.
Cocos Creator -> JS/TS, a layer up 2dx, has visual editor (Unity like), better suitable, focus on web

I work with Creator, we have a service with thousands lines of code, it’s easier to work because of the interface, most game developers starts with Unity, so the learning curve is smoother. It has a long way to go to achieve the potential that it has (but is walking really fast, 3~4 years ago it not even exist). I would recommend that, using TS, it can be very powerful

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Okay, to be fair “extremely intricate… AAA” was too far, Let’s focus on clearly well made games the web, if cocos creator was making influxes of these kinds or games, I would not have said that.

Pokemon showdown
Naruto online
Wonder putt

Well AAA games I think is the wrong term to use here? I think of AAA games as console level games that have millions of dollars of budget to produce.

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Just to clarify, I would need to use Cocos2d-x if I want to develop native application that I can publish to the app store or android market correct? Cocos Creator is only for web based games that run with a web wrapper?

no , it not use web wrapper!

and you can read some doc :

in the last doc that tutorial for jsb 2.0, you can see the cocos creator architecture:

so in native it use c++ and jsb!

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