[FREE GAME] GEOMO - for iOS and Android!

[FREE GAME] GEOMO - for iOS and Android!


Got coordination? It’s time to find out.

Jump in, and start hitting the never-ending stream of shapes. Easy it may seem, but GEOMO is deceptive. It’s not just about hitting shapes, but how you hit them and avoid the rest.

One after another, they’ll appear. Simply reach the inside to make them disappear. Accidently hit the outside, and it’s all over. Stay aware of your surroundings – failure to pay attention will lead to an early end.

Gradually, the shapes will speed up. They’ll get smaller. They’ll get harder to hit. That’s when the challenge gets better.

It’s time to start the shapes, it’s time to enter GEOMO.

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Release Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6VQBlkFkPo


Congrats on the release.


Thank you! :smiley: Very happy with how it’s gone so far! Will hopefully be sharing some of my experiences soon!