[Fmod Audio] Need help to createSound from Binary(Encrypted Data)

Hi everyone!
I need load audio files from Binary[Encrypted Data] to protect Game’s Resources

1, I successfully used createSound( filePath ) with fmodL.dll and other files setup oke.

    auto r = system->createSound(soundPath.c_str(), FMOD_DEFAULT, 0, &sound);

2, But, when createSound from Binary FAIL

Data data = FileUtils::getInstance()->getDataFromFile(soundPath);
exinfo.cbsize = 144;                       // other values make crash run-time
exinfo.length = data.getSize();

auto r = system->createSound((char*)data.getBytes(), FMOD_OPENMEMORY, &exinfo, &sound);

I met error : fmodL.pdb is not loading when runtime.My codes is bad or lack of setup files (dll, lib)?

Please help me. If this doesn’t a solution, Should I back to use AudioEngine?