Flappy Bird [Cocos Creator Source Code]

Hello I recently was programming a Flappy bird clone.
I test a lot of features here.

Support mouse and touch clicks.
Support keyboard.
Support gamepad (Only Android)

[How To Play]
Touch And Mouse.
-Click or Touch the Screen to play.


-Use the left and right arrow to navigate.
-Use the Space key to Flap the Bird.

Only test this with a native version for android.
I found that not all buttons are mapped.
with a Xbox like controller you can use the dpad to move left and right the menus.
-Use the A or B button to submit the buttons
-While playing use the A or B buttons to flap the bird.

Play the game here.
Flappy Bird

Source code
Flappy Bird Cocos Creator 3.8


If you download and build the game for android and use a Gamepad it will probably crash. Looking what is the cause of this.

What I found of Cocos Creator vs Unity.

Cocos creator is focus on web, so the web builds are amazing. That flappy bird game build size is just 1.5 MB. Super tiny and works well on all the Web browsers,Desktop and Mobile.
The android version is like 12 MB In unity making something bellow 19 MB is impossible.

The performance I think it’s more faster than Unity, like Unity Cocos creator is written on C++, but we use typescript when writing the game on the editor.
Cocos creator release lightweight games this is great for casual games.

Editors: Cocos creator editor is not open source, but the game engine is open source.
The editor looks very similar to Unity, I can say it’s based so is friendly for Unity users.
I just spend like 6 days, I could be wrong, but stuff like custom gizmos draw is not present, the cocos editor looks like an old version of the Unity editor. Like I say I could be wrong there’s too much stuff to look.


Thanks for sharing, Cocos Creator is focusing both on Web and Mobile native, we are a mobile first engine, otherwise the engine repo won’t have 50% of the code in C++. But that part is for you to explore, I believe you will like it if you work on a mobile title