Firebase Native crash error

I have integread the firebase crash report log for cocos2dx android game with cmake(not ndk) but when I forcefully crashed the game it showed me the following report with missing things. I did not understand kindly please help me to integrate & things done. I am using cocos2dx version 3.17.2. thanks.

You have to upload the symbol file to Firebase.

@cybergate thanks for prompt reply. but how to find symbol file from my project and where to upload it that i don’t know. kindly please help me to get resolved. on firebase in following links it’s steps number-4 but i didn’t undestand it how to perform it. i am using cmake instead of ndk.

Any help please! :frowning: @cybergate @CocosMarketing @slackmoehrle

I guess you are using Android Studio right? Then you are using CMake which use NDK to compile the project. Just follow the steps from above link then it should be done.

yes, i am using android studio. yes i am using CMake. now i have done first three steps but i did not understood step number 4 ( Set up automatic uploading of native symbols) kindly please @cybergate help to implement this. and thank you @cybergate for your support and response.

You can add the Crashlytics upload task and attach it in your apps module build.gradle or just use the gradlew command.