FBX-Conv compatible animation techniques

FBX-Conv compatible animation techniques

Hey All - hoping for some help here. I’m mostly from a programming background (getting better at 3D) and working with a 3D artist. I’ve read the 3D guide here:


Duly noted that supported animation type is skeletal & also noted the stuff about linear interpolation of key frames. Mentioned this to my 3D guy; he was still of the opinion that vertex animation would still work. Doesn’t seem like it has as I can’t get his model to animate (whereas I can for other models).

He built it using 3ds max; apparently in Unity3D you need to enable ‘blendshapes’ for this to work; in 3ds its called morph targets; I guess this is typically used for animation of facial features of characters??

Anyhow - I appreciate that cocosd-x, while gaining in steam; is still lesser known than Unity for example & want to wrap my head around the do’s and don’ts as I really enjoy cocos2d-x & see myself requiring alot more original 3D content.

Is skeletal animation truly the only form of animation? If so - this is mostly limited to rigged models right, rather than for example suitable for facial feature animation of characters?

Also am happy to share my fbx file if anyone cares to offer an opinion on it?
Many thanks.