Failed to build on first tutorial

Failed to build on first tutorial
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Hi, just started with cocos2d-x and I have to say… I’m strugling.
After I finally got the default generated project to run in VS2017 after some random retargeting (why doesn’t that just work?), I started following this tutorial:
This is the second part of the tutorial where you have to add a new file for the first time.
But my build fails after I add a new file, and the file is not found. “Cannot open include file: ‘GraphicsScene.h’: No such file or directory”

There are a lot of answers to this problem for when this happens in an android project. But I’m trying to make a win32 project.

Please help.


Upon further inspection, it seems that this is a problem with Visual Studio and not cocos.
I started with visual studio now after using Intellij (and java).

It seems that if you create a new file in visual studio… in a folder… that file is not actually created in that folder.

… W H Y


First, you are following a 3 year old tutorial. I can tell you that these old tutorials are not going to work with newer versions of Cocos products. To much has changed.

Are you trying to do Android development on Windows or are you targeting Windows specifically?


I’m targeting Windows.
Thanks for clearing that up! Can you direct me towards some up-to-date tutorials?