FaceBook Invite Issue

FaceBook Invite Issue
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Hello Guys, I got an Issue for Facebook Invite , I have used Facebook Invite SDKBOX and earlier it was working fine but when i used that yesterday it was just giving a blank popup with just loading symbol which is happening for both android as well as IOS. But in some Android device i am able to see the popup with friend names but in most of the device blank Popup are comming.

I also use custom code but same problem i am getting.

using Facebook sdkBox Code.

using custom code
FBSDKAppInviteContent *content =[[FBSDKAppInviteContent alloc] init];
content.appLinkURL = [NSURL URLWithString:@“https://fb.me/261343507644775”];
//optionally set previewImageURL
content.appInvitePreviewImageURL = [NSURL URLWithString:@“https://www.mydomain.com/my_invite_image.jpg”];

// Present the dialog. Assumes self is a view controller
// which implements the protocol `FBSDKAppInviteDialogDelegate`.
[FBSDKAppInviteDialog showFromViewController:self.viewController



Looks like it’s trying to load the page from facebook, not sure it’s a SDKBOX issue, do you see any error message in the logs?


Hello nite, Thanks for the reply,
I checked for the log messages but it’s not displaying any thing and also I checked other game which my friend developed which has invite option but I am getting the same blank pop-up in his game aswell. but in some device we can see the friend list display pop-up but not in all devices


Hi! It happens to me also… i have samsung galaxy s3 mini with Android 4.1.2 and the popup is blank. Any solution on this yet?

I have the latest SDKBOX Facebook plugin version



Can you take a screenshot?


Of course here is the screenshot after calling…


This is the popup shown when the user does not have the facebook application installed.

But ever after installing the facebook app, when trying to call “inviteFriends” again… i receive the following message in my log…

cocos2d-x debug info: Dialog failed with unknown error

Thanks in advance


works fine with my Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 api 21,

can you test with another android device?



Hi again,

I managed to test yesterday on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 device and it seems to be working. So it seems that the problem is occurring in some devices only. A weird thing is that if the facebook application is installed in the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini device, the following error is shown in the console and no popup is shown:

cocos2d-x debug info: Dialog failed with unknown error

Do we have any thought why is it not working on some devices, while on others is?


The other devices have lower cpu ? armeabi ?


Yes indeed they have lower cpu… armeabi. Does this play a role in the bug? And if so how can this be fixed or avoided?


maybe use old facebook SDK is the choice.