Facebook Devices - free mockups

Facebook Devices - free mockups
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Hi developers!

Recently I was looking for quality mockups. Most of the mockups were paid and sold in large sets when I needed only 1-2. But then I found Facebook Devices.

So why not share my find.

Many mockups, high quality, absolutely free.
Only the front view, there is no .psd or .ai, only .sketch, but there is a PNGs in high resolution.


For Android you can use the Device Art Generator. Just upload a “dummy” image and you will get the phone frame :wink: Is this what you are looking for?


It really is more convenient to use! :grinning:, only there is no Google Pixel 2 XL mockup.

Thank you for sharing!


Because it’s an official tool from Google, I’m pretty sure they will add the Pixel 2 XL soon.


It would be nice.