Extension 'create-node' , prefab

I am using cocos creator 3.7.2.

When you create an extension and press a button in a new panel, you want to use the prefab uuid in the editor to add it to the Hierarchy.

await Editor.Message.request(‘scene’, ‘create-node’,
assetUuid: uuid

A problem arises.

  1. It is created well in Hierarchy, but there is an issue where the inspector information of the original prefab is missing.

Do you know how to fix it?

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Met the same problem, also using cocos creator 3.7.2
When I try printing out the created nodes, it says prefab: {state: 0, …}, while nodes created by dragging has prefab: {state: 2, …}

The code I used is

let createdUuid = await Editor.Message.request("scene", "create-node", {parent: someUuid, assetUuid: prefabUuid, unlinkPrefab: false})

I tried the same thing on 3.7.4 and 3.8.1, problem still exists.

After some try-and-error…
The correct typescript is

let createdUuid = await Editor.Message.request("scene", "create-node", {parent: parentNodeUuid, assetUuid: prefabUuid, unlinkPrefab: false, type: "cc.Prefab"})

You need to specify “type” as “cc.Prefab”, then you create the node like a prefab.

Note: I haven’t tested in 3.7.4 nor 3.8.1, this is working in 3.7.2

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Thank you