EventListenerCustom was not remove dproperly

EventListenerCustom was not remove dproperly

Hi guys,
I add a new custom event listener by using the statement code below:

    EventListenerCustom* eventCus = Director::getInstance()->getEventDispatcher()->addCustomEventListener(Director::EVENT_AFTER_SET_NEXT_SCENE, [&](EventCustom *event) {

But it seems eventCus was not removed when using “removeEventListener” function. The callback keep being called after I switch to another scene.
Does anyone meet this issue before? Please give me some advice.
Thank you!

Try adding it to a node or scene like this. Then it will be removed on its own

  EventListenerCustom *event = EventListenerCustom::create("igm", [=](EventCustom *c){
        _eventDispatcher->addEventListenerWithSceneGraphPriority(event, this);

Otherwise, doing it your way you will have to call the following to remove it

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Thanks for your replying. It really helps me to solve my problem.

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