Error: This device does not support WebGL2

With Cocos Creator 3.8.1 our last project reports a lot of errors.

This device does not support WebGL2.

That’s weird because 95% of browsers should be compatible with WebGL2.

I found that the game is little lit slow during the first 10 seconds and 3D Particle Systems are not working. But after 10 seconds the game works well with all FX OK.


Can i know how to reproduce it?

Try to launch the game with iOS here if you want to check the game slowing down for the first seconds:

The video:

I can load the game with iPhone11 (iOS 16.7.2) Safari. How to check the error message?

So, what’s your issue? The video you attach can run correctly too.

We got this report for our game on

You could show up the debug console on iOS: How to Activate the iPhone Debug Console or Web Inspector but I can’t see any issues on my devices.

Edit: it’s probably due to the hardware. Some graphic cards seems not compatible with WebGL2.