Error: Cannot find module

Error: Cannot find module

Hi sir,
@Lazy_Gamer, @slackmoehrle, @jare, @StudioAMK, @zzf520
cocos creator version 2.2.2
MacOs Catalina 10.15.3
when Reload cocos creator this error occurs load script [script] failed : Error: Cannot find module and also TypeError: Cannot read property ‘_onBatchCreated’ of null ?

Reload the software or restart Creator after closing it?

I’d suggest making sure you install Creator again.

@slackmoehrle @Lazy_Gamer @jare @StudioAMK @zzf520
Hi sir,

Reinstall Creator again but When I Reload Or Restart Cocos Creator Script is missing in Node and Can’t see Custom Component see below Screen shot.

Yeah. Weird. I will ask a member of our engineering team to review this thread. I apologize for the trouble. We will get you going again.

I think one of your js files is missing or renamed outside CocosCreator.

Could you try with a new project and try to manually import your custom component?

Good luck.

I think one of your sciprts contains compilation error. Or missing or renamed as StudioAMK mentioned above.