Encrypting assets in TexturePacker

I am referring to this:

But the latest version of Texturepacker doesn’t have this feature. Was this removed ? Is this due to some issue with cocos2d-x?

EDIT: My Mistake. It is there, but feature appears only if you select specific formats like PVR+zlib.

Is there some document which explains which format is supported by which devices ? (Android / iOS / Samsung etc?)

EDIT: Referring to this page:


Looks like PVR is not supported by android, but is the only format that texture packer encrypts. :sob:

Is there a specific version of Android that is causing problems for you with that format? I use that format in several projects and haven’t had any issues on any platform as of yet.


I assumed that because of the above link, PVR is not supported in Android. Didn’t try it. Is the information out of date? Which version of cocos2d are you using?


Well, I haven’t personally used “covid”, and the only version I know if is 19, plus a few variants. :wink:

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I meant cocos2d :slight_smile: Which version of cocos2d are you using ?

Using v4, but I’m almost certain v3.17.x worked as well with the encrypted textures.

Ok… but somewhere else also I was reading about how Samsung phones can’t handle pvr… not sure what to make of it…… maybe to just roll my own encryption scheme….and encrypt pngs…. :man_shrugging:

Samsung make a lot of devices, so make sure the information is not outdated. You may want to find out the specifics before you invest so much time in implementing your own encryption, especially given that any encryption (even the cocos2d-x encrypted PVR format) won’t stop anyone but the most inexperienced person from stealing the assets in your app.

Im using TexturePacker encryption and no problems on Android using v3.17.2. I dont have a Samsung device but some users having Samsung devices rated my game positively so I assumed that its working fine on every Android device…

Thanks :pray: that is useful. I wish there was some way to know for all Samsung devices / each brand