Electronic Music Producer, Composer & Mixing Mastering Engineer Available

Hello everybody! My name is Lorelei, though I’m more well known by my moniker, Floraviolet. I’m an independent music producer, composer, mixing / mastering engineer, event coordinator, record label co-founder, and live streamer. I am offering my services as a record producer and composer with over 7 years of experience releasing albums, helping independent artists create professional sounding mixes, and planning large-scale musical projects and events.

I have worked in many different musical styles, from videogame inspired compositions, to chopped-up samples and beats, to soundscape and ambient. I have carefully cultivated a mixing style that which is inspired by pop music both modern and vintage, taking notes from the “wall-of-sound” techniques of the 60s, with the crispness and clarity of a modern digital mixes. I aim for my songs to sound great whether you’re listening on professional studio monitors or your cellphone speakers.

I hope you consider me to work on your project! I am always up for a new challenge and learning new things! For business inquiries you can email me at floravioletmusic@gmail.com

Here are some links to my music and projects I have been involved in:


My Albums:

  • Possession (2017) - Videogame inspired concept album.
  • Transfiguration (2019) - EDM / house project.
  • Floraviolet EP (2019) - Chopped-up samples and off-time hip-hop beats.
  • Shrinking Violet (2020) - Soundscape concept album with elements of ambient, noise, dance, experimental, and sound collage.

Other Notable Projects

  • Un/Tuck Collective: (2017) - Co-founder. Trans and queer electronic label in the Midwest.
  • Wendy Carlos Night (2017) - Trans focused event celebrating the work of Wendy Carlos.
  • Transfiguration (2019) - 2-day festival made possible by Charlotte Street Foundation and Rocket Grants, celebrating the history of LGBT+ history.
  • Flora Moirai [VTuber]: (TBA 2021) - Virtual live streamer, multi-media art project, and musical side project currently in the works.

Featured On:

MXMRS (Midwest experimental performance artist and producer.)


  • Maara (Mixing/Mastering/Co-Production 2020):
  • Maara2 (Mixing/Mastering/Co-Production 2020):
  • IDK Who I Am (Mixing/Mastering/Co-Production 2019):
  • Pagliacci (Mixing/Mastering/Co-Production 2018):
  • Dionysia (Mixing/Mastering/Co-Production/Composition/Co-Director 2019):

Zach Garland Foster (Midwest musician and composer)


  • Walking The Cow (Mixing/Mastering 2020)

Wow @floraviolet I love your music. I have many of your albums! This is just amazing.

Here is a screenshot from my iPhone:

I guess I need to go buy Possession.

I’m so stoked that you are here and available for work.

Members of our community, I can’t say enough just how amazing I find her music.

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