DragonBones CPP

DragonBones CPP


Has anyone tried this library?

The samples in flash are very neat! http://dragonbones.github.io/
And I’m very curious of see how this works in Cocos 2dx

Sadly I spent three days trying to compile the extension and I couldn’t. I’m using Eclipse in Windows 7.
Is anyone is interested or has used this library? I would be glad to know!

Just to throw this out there, have you heard of Spine? http://esotericsoftware.com Cocos2d-x has support for it built in.

I haven’t tried the one you mention above.

afaik, the old cocostudio bone animation is based on dragonbone, and cocostudio supports converting flash animation too

Thanks for answering me, Right now I advanced in the issue with the help of this tutorial


I’m still stuck trying to compile this thing but I’m close.

I downloaded the Spine trial and I’ll use it eventually but right now I don’t want to spend money on licenses, and apart from that I used Dragon Bones in Javascript so I could say I’m accustomed.

Thanks anyway, i’ll keep trying!

Did you have any success? DragonBones CPP is not working :frowning:

I know this is old but I had some trouble with it too. After copying all files to Xcode and setting header search paths it compiled properly but it crashed when loading a file. Problem seems to be incompatible defines from cocos2dx rapidjson and dragon bones rapidjson. I removed dragon bones rapidjson and patched JSONDataParser to use cocos2dx rapidjson.

I hope this helps someone

Hi Chris

I’m struggling to get dragon bones runtime working on Win32 , can you tell me more about how you fixed the JSONDataParser errors? Thanks.

Sure. First I changed header for rapidjson to use cocs2dx version and altered the define as follows:
#define dragonBones_rapidjson rapidjson
Then I changed all GetFloat() calls to GetDouble(). The GetArray parts needed some more changing.
For iterating through genericValues use:
for (dragonBones_rapidjson::Value::ConstValueIterator itr = document[ARMATURE].Begin(); itr != document[ARMATURE].End(); ++itr)
I can send you my code if you like. Message me your email.

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Hi guys,

I now have the dragonbones runtime working, 2 solutions both involve rewriting the parser. If anyone is interest let me know and I will post details.

Hey @katieJ
I am using DragonBones 4.9.5. Can you please tell how did you make it work for you?
My environment: cocos2d-x v3.14, C++, eclipse, OSX