Dog And Ball Forever [HTML5]

Dog And Ball Forever is a physics puzzle, where you have to draw and help the dog get the ball. There are 30 levels (hopefully more to come). Complete each level in the most efficient way to collect stars, which then you can spend in the shop to unlock more dogs, balls and a…sheep.

Try to complete the game with different balls and dogs combinations, as they all behave different physics behavior.

This game is the last from a series of 12 developed over the course of one year. It’s also my 20th web game!

It was developed in Cocos Creator and coded in Typescript. Art was done with Inkscape.

Thank you for playing!


Congrats on the game

I love your html physics piron games! Dog and ball is very cute and fun.

Many times though I have difficulties drawing. Instead of drawing I would get a translucent grey line or sometimes just nothing. This would happen even if I wasnt drawing through a background obstacle. This was in chrome on mac and also on an ipad in safari.

Also you may want to more clearly delineate what is collidable and what is just background decoration. Like in level 9 “above and below” it isnt clear that the roof is collidable and the building isnt. Maybe anything collidable could have a thicker prominent outline.

Finally, and this is a small nit, in your “shopping”, “about”, and “settings” screen maybe the button in the top right should be an icon of a home instead of the same icon that you are also using for “restart”.

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i’ll address these issues, thank you for the feedback and for playing! :slight_smile: