Does SDKBOX support Rewarded Interstitial Video ads from Admob?

Does SDKBOX support Rewarded Interstitial Video ads from Admob?
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I’m using SDKBOX to implement Admob in my game. According to the Docs, there’s only 2 types of ads:

- "banner"
- "interstitial"

But for now, Admob has the ad unit called Rewarded Interstitial which its type is Video.

So my question is: Does SDKBOX supported this type? If no, do we have a plan to support it? If yes, what type should be put in the sdkbox_config.json?

Thank you!


Same goes for native Ads :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve no idea about the Native Ads either. That would be great If we could integrate them in the SDKBOX.


We’re evaluating Rewarded Video on admob, it’s implementation is strange, we’ll support them as soon as we figure out a good way to integrate. for native Ads, they are mostly for app’s, maybe it will be useful if your game has a news feed or something.


Thanks for your information!


cocos2d-x support Abmob rewarded video or not


Hi avinashsharma,

For now, SDKBOX hasn’t support Admob video reward (yet, I think)

But you can manually integrate Admob rewarded video reward. Reply if you need help


yes i want help for integrate video reward using in admob…

thanks in adv… :slight_smile:


Does inmobi ads supports native ads now?
I would need it for my game as it has card format for a screen.


Hi ,
i want help for integrate video reward using in admob



We want AdMob Rewarded Video support in Cocos, please :slight_smile: Or some other Ad network Rewarded Video support.
Btw, what is the price (range) for 1 video? Thank you.


Update: I’ve got a letter from AdMob, I get from it, what Cocos supports Rewarded Videos - for that you need:

  1. To add your app to Firebase (later you need to download from Firebase your app google-services.json);
  2. to integrate Firebase into your Cocos c++ project;
  3. To build it with Android Studio project settings.
    My problems are: I’m noob for Firebase, and I use command_prompt for cocos2d-x-3.13.1 project building on Win7 (and MS VS for debug <3 ).
    I need the optimal (quick) solution, how to integrate Rewarded Videos into my projects.
    Now I’m trying to add following puzzle parts (need crowd-solution): - it says you need Firebase for R.Videos; - how to include AdMob with Firebase into Cocos2d project.
    Firebase + Cocos2d-x 3.11 - this leads us here: - can this be useful?
Was anyone succeed in that - to add Rewarded Videos into Cocos c++ project?

So looks like i have to paths: from Firebase (via Android Studio) and from (doesn’t leads to R.Video directly and may be 3 months obsolete). At now i succeed to convert google-services.json to res/values/google-services.xml - it appeared in\res\values and to compile the yinjimmy/firebase sample (fixed some tiny error and changed package name into mine).

  1. Succeed to compile (via cmd) using (settings) with gradle.
  2. Firebase added.
  3. Now app crashes at the line
    firebase::App* app = firebase::App::Create(firebase::AppOptions(), JniHelper::getEnv(), JniHelper::getActivity());
    with message:
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: no method with name='getCodeCacheDir' signature='()Ljava/io/File;' in class Landroid/app/Activity;: com.myPerfectApp
    Any hint?


Like it saying missing function getCodeCacheDir in AppActivity , check if it is there or somewhere wasnt copied.


Something new with this subject? I’m also interested in admob rewarded video with admob.
Until this feature is available, maybe it would be possible to use a intersitial with only videos enabled, and check the time spent by the user seeing the ad?


We’re working on it and try to get it ready within two weeks


In case check for now firebase intgration :wink: if it is to complex then wait for SDKBOX or have a look on Fyber SDKBOX.


Hi nite,

Is it done?




Not yeah .~


Yes, SDKBOX admob plugin now supports rewarded video, take a look at the sample here.