Does it matter with what version of cocos2dx i am using

for some reason when i started using cocos i began using v2.3.4 and have been using it up until now will this complicate matters when i try to publish the game?

You should be ok but perhaps the newer tools may help in some ways.

I started on 3 somting im on V3.17.2, Stable as anyting wrting a webserver at the momemt with threads.
I’m not going to 4.0 yet as I,m not making any apps for apple and 4 add’s metle for me it’s not needed but many thanks cocos. Its taken me a couple of years to get the uses to cocos but now i know OMG its so great, wait till I send you all my server web backend…only flipping thing is cocos is easy but java scipt and ajax is killing it for me. grrrr but i got it ill af a fue primay function and upload.
oh and by the way id go with V3.17.2 I have not had any problembems only tile map was missing Text and animation frame but was easy to figger out the 2 functions and add them,

thanks for the help