[Debug/ Zip compress] cause black screen on android

[Debug/ Zip compress] cause black screen on android
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As title say, if i build with debug check , my game run fine, but if i uncheck debug when build in cocos creator, my game is black screen.

I notice there are a different in logcat between those build which is if no debug, it cause the error :slight_smile:

vn.justplay.games E/jswrapper: [ERROR] Failed to invoke require, location: C:/CocosCreator/resources/cocos2d-x/cocos/scripting/js-bindings/proj.android/…/manual/jsb_global.cpp:174
vn.justplay.games E/jswrapper: ERROR: Uncaught SyntaxError: Invalid or unexpected token, location: src/settings.js:0:0

The full log of those version here :

Without debug :


With debug :


Update 1 : If i uncheck encrypt JS it work fine too.
Update 2 : Check encrypt JS but uncheck zip compress, it works fine too.
Update 3 : Check zip compress again : black screen again.

So i think the problem must be in the zip compress, if you need anything to fix this error tell me.