Cyberpunk World Demo - The Power Of Cocos Creator

Hi Everyone,

Building a video game shouldn’t have the limitations of the old days. Today’s game engine is fast, easy to understand, and open to anyone. That’s why Cocos has always placed our open-source software in the hands of the best developers from around the world for over ten years. From making simple puzzle games to the latest MMORPG, indie game developers to AAA game teams use Cocos Creator. We present what can be done with open-source technology, what you can expect to achieve with our engine, and a taste of the future. It’s time to create with Cocos Creator!

Demo details:

  • All animation happening while in the editor
  • Deferred Rendering Pipeline
  • Cluster Light Culling
  • Cluster Reflection Probe
  • Exponential Height Fog
  • Spline curve tracking
  • TAA
  • Exportable to Web, Mobile, and Desktop