Customize loading screen

I am using Cocos Creator 3.2.0

When I run the game from editor I see cocos logo and a progress bar

When I build the game I can only see the logo in splash screen there is no progress bar.

I want to create custom loading screen with progress bar I can control.

Can you please provide some help on how to do this?
Is there a way to customized a loading screen?

Hi guys
can you provide some help on this?

If you have just an image for the loading screen, you should be able to modify this under the build settings.

if you want to update the progress bar yourself, you will have to modify the index.html or the application.js file.

@vkgamedev thank you for you answer.

I have a requirement to place several logos and between them place the progress bar.
How do I do something like that.

in application.js or index.html file I don’t find any reference to progress bar.

Is there any sample code I can have a look to get an idea how to do this?

This is what i used on 2.4.2. I assume something similar should be available on 3.x (115.5 KB)