Crowded Streets - Game Demonstrates Why We Should Stay at Home

Hi folks!
This is a game I made to test 3d features of Cocos Creator 2.3.3 so far.
We control a police officer who warn people walking in the streets. Some people are ill and sneeze time to time. We try to keep them home to prevent disease to spread. Game becomes very challenging after several levels. We use whistle, megaphone and siren to warn people.

I setup 2d game logic using 2d physics. Attached 3d objects to those logic nodes and it worked well imho :slight_smile: I also animated sun position to simulate time pass.
I implemented simple frustum culling to lower draw calls to keep the game playable because sometimes streets get too crowded :slight_smile:

App stores doesn’t accept this game as they evaluate as a policy violation. So I just wanted to share my experiences. Let me know what do you think.

You can download from the links below:

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Congrats on releasing this game! I love the art, I love the concept, I tried to play and…

I didn’t understand what to do when. When do I whistle, when the bullhorn, when the siren? how close do I get to people?

Thanks @slackmoehrle
I should have include tutorial. Actually whistle has smallest area, megaphone has larger area and siren has largest effect area. So it’s up to you which to use when. Whistle only affects people very close siren almost heard by across the camera view. Bullhorn and siren has cooldown duration, so you can’t use them all the time.

So what prevents the player from using the siren all the time?

Once you invoked siren it works 5 seconds and waits 30 seconds for cooldown. You may use it to warn group of people scattered across the street. With megaphone you still need to get close to people to warn them. You may use whistle all the time but it affect only people very close to you. Actually I was planning to make siren and megphone as upgrade features but didn’t have enough time. May be I can add features later.

Thanks. Perhaps change the color of the progress indicator as it’s recharging?