Creator v1.5.1 beta4 is released

Creator v1.5.1 beta4 is released
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  • [Engine] Fix Sprite and Label on native platforms can not be affected by culling issue
  • [Editor] Fix the built-in code editor may cause a TypeError: Path must be a string. Received undefined and TypeError: can not read property '_uuid' of null error
  • [Editor] Fixed TypeScript sourcemap won’t be generated correctly on windows platform issue.
  • [Engine] Improve cc.loader, support synchronous download process, to solve on Web platform the loading of assets may take too long problem.
    [Engine] Add __instanceId to avoid calling the scheduleUpdate when the targetId is undefined
    [Engine] Fixed force release SpriteFrame asset when loading the related texture will cause error issue.
    [Engine] Fixed on Web loading ttf font will trigger the scheduler assertion problem
    [Engine] Fixed some of the newly added engine module code can not be completely removed from the project module settings, resulting in empty package has increased size.
    [Engine] Fixed the exception caused by Prefab in special cases.
    [Physics] Fixed when scaling node with cc.BoxCollider component may cause error issue.
    [Editor] Fixed user scripting required an engine module that has been removed in project setting, will cause component._destroyImmediate is not a function error.
    [Engine] Fixed on native platform create cc.RenderTexture will report wrong number of parameters issue.


  • [Engine] Fixed on native platform loader recursively load dependent assets may cause stack overflow problem.
  • [Engine] Fixed using of for ... in syntax causes the project to fail running issue.
  • [Engine] Fixed using of scheduler when the target has no instanceId / uuid, the operation will cause error issue.
  • [Build] Avoid warnings of merging the initial scene when building a native platform
  • [Build] Fixed in preview game user script may not be able to get the current scene name issue.
  • [Build] Add the build option “merge the map of the SpriteFrame”, the default is not checked to solve the 1.5.0 build on native platform to slow down the loading of first game scene issue.


  • [Engine] Fixing onLoad on node script may not be executed when reactivate the node issue.
  • [Particle] Fixed an issue where the particle transformation was incorrect when changing the scale of the parent node.
  • [EditBox] Fixed error when change the component’s parent node during runtime.
  • [Label] Add new character set for line wrap detection. This increase the compatibility of languages using special characters.
  • [EditBox] Fixed on desktop platforms when the window is zoomed, the display size and location of the compnent is not correct (Update: due to the simulator issue, you need to zoom into 100% to solve the problem, build the project Does not affect)


  • [Engine] On iOS platform disable async function of openssl library, to avoid the App store reject app because the illegal API used (setcontext, getcontext, makecontext).
  • [Build] Fixed inlineSpriteFrames warning when building for native platform, add inline spriteFrame assets for native platform
  • [Engine] Fixed XMLHTTP interface cause memory leak issue.
  • [Engine] Fixed the play sound on Android complete or stop will not clear the track issue.
  • [Simulator] Fixed a problem where the libcurl third-party library could not be found when manually compiling the simulator
  • [Engine] Optimize the process of setting cascadeColor and cascadeOpacity for child nodes when inserting nodes
  • [Label] on the windows platform fixed very long word may bypass line wrap issue. Now when the word is too long we automatically switch to break by character mode.
  • [Editor] Fixed error when select “Go to asset in the library” on assets folder in Assets panel.
  • [Editor] Fixed when a project contains empty js or ts file the compiler will reported Path must be a string error.
  • [Engine] Fixed the problem that changing the size of the node when the object returned by getContentSize is modified
  • [Animation] Fixed the overlay when playing multiple animations, the animation end state will affect each other issue.



Thanks for the quick bug fixes.


Hi @owen,

Is this the official release of 1.5.1? Or should we wait for another, or the next official release will be 1.6? Thanks for your dedication and hard work…God Bless…




Hi Sunday,

it says Beta, so I wait for 1.5.1 final. :wink:




Hi @MikeFromMars

Yep, thanks for the info, had a Homer Simpson moment there:grin: Will wait for final release to install…God Bless…




There’s beta.4.1 now to fix new js script crash issue.


After a few hours there is an even newer version: 1.5.1-beta.4.2 What a day! :slight_smile:


Hi, after update, atlas.getTexture().getHtmlElementObj() always return null.
How I can get HTML Ellement of texture now?


We are deallocating it after upload texture to GPU and reusing the image element, so what do you need it for ?


I wrote small module, where I create new canvas in game document,
next I get html element from cocos creator texture, draw html element to my canvas, and filter image pixel by pixel by my special filter function.
(for example, I use overlay filter with weight mask for animation frames)

next I create new texture from this filtered image. And use it in game.
Can you add some flag or method parameter for cancel deallocating?
Thank you!