Creator game stucks in android

i developed a game which is working fine in web and when i build for android it is stucking at some points in game like at spine slot hide, scroll view item clicks.
i want to know is there anything i am missing when i am building for android or anything other which can help .

Hi, what version of the editor are you using? Is this a mandatory problem and how should I reproduce this problem?

I guess you’re using a similar method to hide the slot: = false; Maybe you can try this:

if (JSB) {
} else { = false;


i am using cc version 3.4 and you can reproduce my switching scenes for first time or loading particle for first time

what does this mean?

there is no such methods i think

Please refer to this, it explains the API difference between different platform in Spine.

We are working on unifying the two different API set together