Creator 2.4.2 IOS Native build performance issues

We compare web build game performance and IOS native build. In IOS native build there are many freezes and low fps. However, there are no such issues in web build running on the same device as well as Android native build. What could we do to fix this problem?

On iOS platform, javascript engine is V8, and it can not open JIT mode, so it will lower performance than other platform.

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And what can we do to fix this issue? Performance on IOS platform is crushully low.

On iOS, you can switching the JavaScriptCode engine and then use mac’s safari debugging to see the performance distribution and optimize your business code.

Will it be fixed in next Creator releases?

Sorry, It was Apple that restricted JIT mode, we can not do anything.

I think I found the solution.
In xcode project in buildSettings
enable Hardened Runtime.
Next Signing&Capabilities ->
Allow Execution of JIT-complied Code.
On iphone 7 there is minor performance increase, but on iphone performance is pretty low(maybe because of device).

We investigated ios build performans. Actually JIT mode is active by default (if you doesn’t enable Hardened runtime).
Also we tested FPS in our application with/without JIT mode enable, there is not differences in FPS. So question is opened. There is no such issues on Android native build.

It is only availability on MacOS.