CocosDashboard 1.0.0 not starting

CocosDashboard 1.0.0 not starting

My dashboard is not showing up on the screen even though it shows in the Task Manager.

I managed to open the UI by open 2 more Dashboard and it still loading for over 20mins

Here I tried to start using terminal

I apologize for your trouble. I will ask a Cocos Dashboard team member to review this thread.

I’m very sorry
We will check the program and now we can try to manually delete the files in the ‘.cocos/updater’ directory


Thank you for your support.

We have found the cause of the problem. The downloaded file is corrupted.

We uploaded a new version (1.0.1-031914). This version will be launched by default in case of file corruption.

It should not fail to open again after reinstallation.

Thank you again


I will try this later this weekend thanks for the efforts.