Cocos2dx2.2.2 performance issue on Windows Phone 8

thanks for sharing
@MasterKelli wrote:

Our optimization is mostly based on reducing draw calls and fillrate to the absolute minimum. We have a custom tilemap system and it has spatial partitioning to reduce triangle count. We only render what is visible on the screen. I made our parallax background dynamic so it analyzes the current tilemap on screen and only draws where necessary. By doing this I was able to reduce fillrate by a huge amount and gaining more fps.

I’m having the same problem. Why is nobody trying to fix it?

@DianLage still waiting for the microsoft guys to fix it.i reorganize my project resource, pack the textures and release them as much as it is can running on low memory devices.

Has anyone else made any progress here?

We have exactly same issue on our 920. We used XNA version of Cocos2D in the past and there was not any problem - actually 920 was much more faster than 520.
It seems that 520 is problematic due to memory issue for change.

Ok, I have optimized our game mainly by reducing draw calls - currently I have 4! (since we have 4 textures). And I’ve got beatiful 60FPS (original FPS value was about 10FPS!!!). It seems that cocos on WP8 don’t like many draw calls. Each added draw call leads to brutal performance decrease, so it is recommendation for you how it optimize your game. It is pretty easy because of dynamic batching - this is really cool feature!