Cocos2d-x v3.10 released

Cocos2d-x v3.10 released
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I’m very upset. I have no idea why those changes takes so much time since last version release.


You are upset because we didn’t release versions fast enough for you? I can’t tell if this is sarcasm.


Let me have someone look into this.


what version of cocos2d-x was your project using when you made it with the cocos command-line tool?


Thanks for mentioning this, I will get Fyber added.


I do believe the way you add Physics components is changed starting with v3.9, here


Thanks, I will get this looked into.


@slackmoehrle- I was using previous version mate , cocos2d-x 3.9.


Cool thanks, I will add that to my bug report.


This is good! Thank you!


Strange that i use no physicsbody in my project.


It appears that the API Reference is not up-to-date (v3.9 for C++, and v3.8 for JS).


Dedicated HTML5 changelogs would be nice. No idea what of the changes listed in the changelog are relevant to the HTML5 version…


I think everything that is mentioned with a [JS] prefix is a change specific to the HTML5 version.


I will get this updated today. I forgot :frowning:


WHEN DRAW NODE WILL HAVE ANTI ALIASING? I’m asking for a third time?


That’s not how it works, please maintain forum’s decorum. We are here to help but not obliged to.


Please file a bug if you want functionality. Not all the developers look here to find bugs to fix…


Version 3.10 API Reference is now available:

JavaScript version is coming soon. I need clarification from another team member on the building process.


What is wrong with bug fixes?