Cocos2d-Objc website is down?

Cocos2d-Objc website is down?

I noticed the Cocos2d-objc website is currently dead? The forum there one the last bastion for those of us hoping to keep our apps running Cocos2d 2.x/3.x alive. Does anyone know if it will be coming back?

It is down for good.

I see :disappointed:

Where would be the best place to post questions about Cocos2d-objc - here? I guess there wouldn’t be enough demand to make a seperate forum category for it.

Let me get back to you about this. I can probably make a new category just for housekeeping purposes.

Thanks, that’d be great.

There is now an Obj-c category to use.

Great! I’m sure it will prove useful for all :slight_smile:

Could someone please remove from cocos2d org the broken link to the non-existent website and forum of cocos2d-swift? The site doesn’t exist anymore, and instead that domain name is redirecting to one of those generic scam sites that sometimes tries to install something into your browser.

ok, I see the links. I may just remove this website completely as there are actually a lot of broken links.