Cocos js Particle effect does not work any more

Cocos js Particle effect does not work any more

Hi, there, Happy new year

I’m using cocos js for some time, now i got a problem is that if i create a new gamemodel included a particle effect from a json file, the particle works very well, but if i reuse that object. the particle effect does not play any more, so how do I do to reuse a game model with particle effect? I’m using cocos 3.10 right now, cocos js version I believe is es5

did any one give me some advices, thx in advance

I don’t have an answer for this, but I think the last version we updated cocos2d-js is either 3.13 or 3.15. After one of those versions cocos2d-js has been static. Perhaps there are bug fixes in one of these versions to help out.

Thx a lot ,buddy, solved

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