Cocos JS 3.17.2 - IOS 16.4 Beta hangs due to GLWeb via METAL

Our games render to WebGL and are built on CocosJS Html5 3.17. All our games have worked flawlessly on all ios versions in safari and chrome for years through many ios updates.

We have tested the 16.4 beta (both first and second release) and there seems to be an issue with the WebGL via Metal setting. If disabled our application runs without browser hang. If enabled browser will hang and rendering will stop after a short period of time. The period of time is directly related to the number of objects rendered per frame. The more objects per frame the shorter the period of time to browser hang.

See it live here:

Any idea guys? Cocos Creator 3.7.1 obviously works - we will be porting to that but wouldn’t like to incur any downtime with our product so patching 3.17 in the meantime would be ideal.

Hi guys, not shore whether this is relevant but I thought Metal was only introduced to Version 4 of cocos2dx, that was the only thing added to cocos2dx was Metal would an upgrade to cocos2dx 4 sort things out ?

related to safari webgl on metal feature