Cocos Game on Apple China Top 10

Hi Everyone, our cocos2d-x game “Good Pizza, Great Pizza” (China version) made it to the top 10 charts on Apple iPhone and #1 on Apple iPad!

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I’ve got to tell you. I’ve been playing your game for years and I simply don’t see putting it down an time soon. It’s quite amazing. The art, music, cut scenes are always great and then add the gameplay it becomes irresistible to play. I’ve “dedicated” (although not on purpose) very large chunks of a Saturday playing and enjoying every second.

Congrats on a mega hit. It put this up against Brain and Super Meat Boy interns or quality and enjoy ability.

Downloaded it a few days ago, really great design and implementation mate.

I love serving pizza with just a little cheese and no sauce LOL

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Thank you for the support!

Do you have any new updates planned?

Also I would love to do a developer interview if you’re interested. Think it would really provide great insight for the community and up and coming developers.