Cocos Creator what the case?

Cocos Creator what the case?
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To cocos2d-x team, what the case to focus 80% of your work on Cocos Creator functionality without having possibility to make simple Label to display correctly by default? It is just shame …

We have used Cocosd2d-x JS like 1 year ago and all labels by default in it was blurry - after 1 year decided to try Cocos Creator and exactly same issue in sample projects - all labels on Mac Retina looks blurry. Can someone finally take care of this and solve this to not look like it is some crap engine:(

example screenshot:


@energyy Thanks. Let me ask someone to read your post.


We will look at this issue in future release (1.5)


I’ll create an issue for this
b.t.w. @energyy Are you talking about web platform or native or both ?

In web retina display need to be activated with cc.view.enableRetina(true);


It is web platform. I’m assuming cocos2d-x should handle this automatically retina not retina label - I think 90% users with Mac have retina so for them projects always looks blurry - I think we some time ago also was trying enableRetina and it had still issue.