Cocos Creator v2.0.10 released!

Cocos Creator v2.0.10 Released!

Cocos Creator v2.0.10 focuses on improving the stability of the native platform, fixing issues related to Spine, DragonBones, and Label. It is recommended that all v2.0 users upgrade. In addition, v2.0.10 also supports the release of two new platforms, Xiaomi Quick Game and Instant Play Games, which bring new opportunities for developers. Good quality is inseparable from careful polishing. Thank you for the feedback from developers in the community, GitHub, Cocos corporate services and other channels.

The following is a description of the changes in v2.0.10:

What’s New

Support Xiaomi Quick Games

Cocos Creator officially supports the publishing to Xiaomi Quick Games. For detailed usage, please refer to Publish to Xiaomi Quick Games. (Chinese Language, English version coming.)

Support Instant Play Games

Cocos Creator officially supports publishing to Instant Play Games. For detailed usage, please refer to Publish to Instant Play Games. (Chinese Language, English version coming.)



  • Optimize the build speed of very large projects

  • Improve error handling when resources uuid conflicts

  • When the build release is removed, the Auto Atlas is empty warning, allowing the auto atlas to be empty

  • Added package name options for iOS and Mac platforms in the build panel


  • Optimize the node’s zIndex refresh performance #4060

  • Added global timeScale options for Spine and DragonBones, set via API sp.timeScale and dragonBones.timeScale

  • Optimized Spine and DragonBones initialization speed in acceleration mode

  • Added getArmatureKey method to DragonBones’s ArmatureDisplay for indexing as a dressup #4100

  • Added BlendFactor support for MotionStreak

  • The cc.macro.CLEANUP_IMAGE_CACHE flag is enabled by default on the native platform to reduce texture memory usage

  • Optimized Native platform Spine memory footprint

  • Optimized instant game open domain performance

  • Added fps attribute to the instant game open domain component SubContextView to control the open domain refresh rate, default 60

  • Disable the main loop of the open domain by disable instant game open domain component SubContextView, reducing performance overhead, see WXSubContextView Tips

  • Upgrade WeChat game resource loading speed

  • Fixed an error in the engine when Rect width exceeds maximum margin was reported when importing a fully transparent image

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the build of OPPO, vivo, and Huawei games might encrypt the script to JSC and cause the build to fail.

  • Fixed an issue where the Android Studio SDK path would report an error under Windows

  • Fixed an issue with compiling errors when using the link template when building a Mac platform

  • Fixed an issue where a very large project might be reported on the Windows platform (when the number of resources > 100,000)

  • Fixes Auto Atlas may export more unused SpriteFrame or SpriteAtlas resources when building

  • Fix Auto Atlas Warning message may be incorrect when building

  • Fixed an issue where the particle system could not be previewed in the editor after enabling Custom mode

  • Fixed an issue where if the font name had parentheses when importing BMFont

  • Fixed object already destroyed warning when it appears repeatedly in Prefab edit mode

  • Fixed an issue where returning to the scene when entering Prefab edit mode from a scene with DragonBones or Particle

  • Fixed removing the TiledLayer node, then Undo, will report the material is empty

  • Fixed a problem with data corruption when exporting multiple resources in batches

  • Fixed an issue where child nodes could still be selected in the scene after locking the parent node in the hierarchy manager

  • Fixed an issue where resources could not be dragged to the hierarchy manager when there were no nodes in the scene

  • Fixed an issue where renaming file operations in Resource Manager might not work

  • Fix the problem that after the animation editor finishes playing the animation, manually skipping one frame and then playing it will cause an error.

  • Fixed an issue where the project could not be opened when the configuration file was corrupted

  • Fixed an issue where a new project could not be created when the custom engine did not exist

Engine Repair List

  • Fixed DragonBones Parent bone transparency has no problem with sub-bones transparency #4068 #1704

  • Fix DragonBones The original animation monitor failed after the skinning operation

  • Fix Spine, DragonBones When pre-multiplication is enabled, modify the transparency of the node and the problem of exposure #4068 #1704

  • Fixed an issue where manually created Assets would report an error when remotely loading DragonBones or Spine resources#4020 #122

  • Fix Spine, DragonBones Cache update issue in SHARED_CACHE mode #4457

  • Fix Spine In Cached mode, there is no default value for the delay parameter of addAnimation

  • Fix Spine In Cached mode, setting skeletonData will warn you

  • Fix Spine In Cached mode, the animation may be abnormal when changing. #4488

  • Fixed an issue where Spine’s json file would report an error without a skeleton field #4029

  • Fix Spine Problems with multiple skins that are not displayed in speed mode #4091

  • Fixed AudioSource The problem of getting the state state error during the second play #3974

  • Fixed texture not dynamically set mipmap problem #4201

  • Fix Label Problem with text positioning may be garbled when CHAR mode is enabled #4007

  • Fix Label Problem with dynamic mapping does not work after BITMAP mode is enabled #4392

  • Fix Label When the text rendered too much is off the screen Canvas size may be too large #4047

  • Fixed an issue where the opacity setting of the node where the Label** is located exceeds 255. #4161

  • Fix Label Problems with BMFont may not be rendered when using shrink mode #4099

  • Fix LabelOutline A memory leak may be caused when a component is destroyed #4220

  • Fixed LabelOutline Exceptional transparency when cascading components #4495

  • Fixed ScrollView or Mask where node Scale is 0, flat nodes may not be able to respond to clicks #4456

  • Fixed an issue where the scrolling position was incorrect when the page of PageView was dynamically updated #4050

  • Fixed a memory leak issue that could be caused by too many particles in the particle system** #4256 #4262

  • Fix Particle System After playing, hide and display the problem of residual particles #4243

  • Fixed a problem where the Scale 0 node Instantiate three times in Prefab would cause the Scale value to become 1#4454

  • Fix native platform resources Download, XMLHttpRequest, WebSocket, SocketIO Possible crash after request #1721 #1716

  • Fix native platform GC may cause crash problem #1744

  • Avoid native platform initialization process if evalString is called in native code to crash

  • Fix Native platform Label shows possible black border issues #130

  • Fix Native platform Spine A problem that can cause a crash when resource acquisition or parsing fails #1745

  • Fix Native platform Spine Destroy possible crashes when not fully loaded #1711

  • Fix Native platform DragonBones Set the displayIndex attribute of the slot to have no effect #4339

  • Fix iOS 12 Unable to load the correct ttf file issue #1700

  • Fix iOS Problems that may crash when AudioClip is released #1714

  • Fix Android The problem that the native platform can’t load the sub-package correctly #1701

  • Fix Android EditBox The problem of inputting decimal points and other symbols is not supported under number inputType#1695

  • Fix Android Instant platform loading Spine Resource error reporting #3999

  • Fix Windows may report an error when switching between the front and back of the platform

  • Fix Web platform VideoPlayer Set currentTime invalid question #4049

  • Fix Web platform VideoPlayer Listening for problems with invalid ready-to-play events #4049

  • Fix WeChat mini game On Android platform Audio Unable to start over again when replaying #92

  • Fix Baidu game saveFile causes tempFilePath to expire #14


v2.0.10 for MacOS    v2.0.10 for Windows


Hi, Is it possible that we can create different shape for button like circular shape or oval shape and its hit area should be same as the shape provided?

Thanks in advance.

You can just change the button sprites.

But still build\jsb-default\frameworks\runtime-src\\

has unescaped Windows path:


that should be


@jare can tell us more about this.

I have tried 2.0.10 and it works properly.
Can you delete the old build/jsb-default folder and rebuild it again.

@zhiming_wu @slackmoehrle
My bad. I have re-tested and now it seems to generate correct with all escaping required. Sorry.

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