Cocos Creator v1.5.0 Release!

Cocos Creator v1.5.0 Release!
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WebView on Mac And Windows will be added in future release, but it won’t come soon…

I guess may be v1.7 or later :slight_smile:


Hi @owen,

What changed then? This particular component was working in previous versions, prior to 1.5? So now, I have to resort to using SDKBOX? Thanks and God Bless…




Pleasr check my issue


Thank you, I think that I will send a PR as soon as I finish with my current project. :slight_smile:


I found this issue about EditBox on Android.
I set event Editting return for EditBox. When this event fire, i set editbox string = ‘’ but this is not working ( editbox text not set to ‘’).
It working when i’m touch to editbox


Hi, thanks for making this awesome editor!

There is one issue though I would like to bring to your attention. I was attempting to import a cocosStudio project into cocosCreator1.5 and it seems that the resources load with all the images removed from their nodes. Importing in 1.4.2 seems to set the images to their nodes just fine.
Do other people have similar issues?



This bug will be fixed in 1.5.2, thanks!


Getting issues after upgrading from 1.4.2 to 1.5 on iOS, runs fine on browser but current issue is I’m getting

TypeError: cc.sequence(...) is null

any insight would be great!

The other issues I’ve had were minor and easy to fix.


@mickey_mea we notice cc.sequence does not support single action now. you need to have more than one action to be able use cc.sequence


Thanks, the docs don’t make that clear at all


I have got the next problem:
For example i have game node this all objects. On some objects binding this.node.on(TOUCH_END) events
But I moved the camera, obviously, i cant click on object in right place, only on object Canvas position, when camera was (0;0)
How do I do to handle this?


This issue will be solved in v1.5.2