Cocos Creator v1.5.0 Release!

Cocos Creator v1.5.0 Release!
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Have opened a topic here regarding an issue I had with v1.5.0. Basically compiling take a much longer time to finish, downgraded back to 1.4.2 because it’s hard to develop when every little change takes a minute to be properly reflected on the simulator / browser


I have same issue when i upgraded to v1.5. Anyone can answer this question?


I also have same problem. i wonder why compile time become longer once i upgrade to v1.5.0

And i had another issue. Once i compile i get an ERROR about
TypeError: Path must be a string. Received undefined


Is there any issues in the Chrome Developer Tools? If the game is freezed, maybe there are some infinite loop occured in your code or happened in the engine.


The TypeError: Path issue is related the builtin code editor, you could just ignore this error message ATM.


Hi @nick3d

So, I’m not the only one experience game not working with this current version. I think the Cocos Creator team really needs to take down 1.5, and work on it more, even if it takes to middle of June 2017, this is just my opinion, this is not a stable product… This is just my opinion…God Bless…




There might be some back compatibility issue and we are trying hard to minimize these issues.

Could you send your project to us and it could help us to improve the Creator further.

My email is, you could share to me with Dropbox or Gmail.



After I get this error, I cannot run simulator


oops, I talked to one of the developers in our team, he said this issue will be addressed in v1.5.1


The source of Cocos Creator docs is in github, Cocos Creator Docs.

An issue report or PR is more than welcome.


Hello facing problem while compiling for Android
FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • What went wrong:
    A problem occurred configuring project ‘:hello_world’.

NDK not configured.
Download it with SDK manager.)


Can you give me the download link of 1.4.2?


The compile error could be fixed by changing the project configuration and locate the NDK path in your computer.


  1. Right click your project in Android Studio, choose “Open Module Settings”

  2. In the popup dialog, select the “SDK Location” tab and fill in the missing “Android NDK location”


Did that already


After did that and still not working?


My NDK location was fine. Sorry need to present a demo soon. So I didnt spend too much time and quickly went back to 1.4.2
Will follow up shortly . Thanks for your reply


What changes in Labels did you make in cocos2d-x 3.15? Because they aren’t working anymore when using Cocos Studio projects.


Is your problem related to Cocos Creator? If not please open a new thread in cocos2d-x category.

You can submit an issue or PR to this github repo:

We’ll look into the compilation issue, for now please try this plugin from Extension Store:

It opens a preview window in editor that will watch your script change and reload new script immediately without compilation.

This is probably due to compiling an empty file or some file when transpile to ES5 will produce empty file. We’ll fix this issue for next release but for now please check your scripts and try to find empty files.


That works! thanks!


Hi @owen


Been working on finding resolution for the game, found out in gameover scene, the below:

Simulator: WebView is not supported on Mac and Windows!

I’m using a WebView Component to display Face-Book and Twitter sign on…which is more easy to implement this way, especially for Desktop builds…now getting above message?

You mentioned compatibility issues, is this in relation to Mac OS Sierra OS? Thanks for your dedication and hard work…God Bless…