Cocos creator touch start event does not work when you apply scalling run time

Below code will not fire touch event

node.scale= new Vec3(0, 0); 
    //this event does not work as scale apply runtime

Following code will fire touch event as scale not apply runtime

    //this event will work as scale does not apply runtime

Let me know there is specific reason behind this. I am using editor 3.5.1

Note: I am using chrome browser to simulate the game.

After lots of work, I notice that I need to pass all three arguments in Scale = Vec3(x,y,z).

node.scale= new Vec3(0, 0, 0); 
    //this event works as scale apply runtime too

.to(1,{scale:new Vec3(0.5,0.5,0.5)})
.to(1,{scale:new Vec3(1,1,1)})

Just sharing if someone find same issue.