Cocos Creator IOS: Memory Question

Cocos Creator IOS: Memory Question
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Hi @nantas, @slackmoehrle

I’m testing my 1st game in IOS and seeing the memory allocation gauge within Xcode 8.2.1, and i that memory fluctuates within 230-281 MB, however, what are some tips to further reduce this? Is this normal memory, I’m testing on Iphone 5S with IOS 10.2, besides using atlas, destroying nodes, using nodepool, what are some other ways to further reduce memory in a game? I tried within each scene and checked autorelease for each scene, and it greatly increase memory, i had to unchecked for all scenes, and it stabalize, i mean it went to 600 mb, just switching scenes…

I would appreciate any further tips and suggestions…Thanks and God Bless…




Having the same question, hope we can have feedback soon