Cocos Creator Firebase support


If you guys are serious about Mobile support then Firebase must be supported.
Mostly Crashlytics support is needed, rest of we can do via JSB bridge but this cant be done via that.
We definitely need official support on this.
Any update on this guys?


What version of the engine are you using? What platform are you planning to use Firebase on? Android? iOS? Web?

You can raise any issues you encounter after integration.

I think for Android / iOS its really important to have Crashlytics support.
I am currently using 3.5.2 & 3.8 for different projects.

There is no option to upload TS code symbols so that it detect TS crashes.
Mostly all devs need this support.

I am using 3.5.2
Wanted Crashlytics for Android & iOS.
Mostly to detect TS crashes

agree. I would prefer the whole firebase ecosystem too. Crashlytics, Remote Config, etc

Yes, we require Firebase support from Cocos Engine, currently there is no way to get crash analytics for typescript code. This is a very important and must have module to maintain the quality of our game and that is missing in Cocos Creator. Cocos team please provide some support or a workaround as this will be a major issue for our game release.

@zhangxm @mr.kylin Any update on Firebase support for Creator? specially Crashlytics

Ok, i will discuss it with google guys.


I discussed the firebase supporting with google guys today. Both of us are short of resource to maintain a plugin. So we encourage if somebody can write a plugin and publish it to cocos creator store.

But google guys can support firebase related questions. So if you guys have any firebase related issues, i can forward it to google guys.

@zhangxm Thanks for reply but problem is Crashlytics
Rest all features we can handle it via jsb/native Android
But for Crashlytics we need some kind of method through which either auto crashes uploaded to Firebase or need native apis to manually do it.
As we can get manual crash captured by below code

let consoleError = window.console.error;
window.console.error = function () {
     console.log("Crash Log => ", JSON.stringify(arguments));

If you can get more info on this from Google then it will be great.

Is there any direction to let Crashlytics capture TS crash ? Or is there anyway we can upload Ts symbol to crashlytics. These are important.