Cocos creator crash on device Xiaomi Redmi

my app crash randomly on XiaomiRedmi Note 5 Pro (whyred) , Redmi Note 7 (lavender) and ZTE B2017G (tulip)

NDK r16b

android version 9 and 8.1

Creator version?(2.0.9)

app link:

********** Crash dump: **********

Build fingerprint: ‘xiaomi/lavender/lavender:9/PKQ1.180904.001/V10.3.5.0.PFGMIXM:user/release-keys’

pid: 30814, tid: 31058, name: V8 WorkerThread >>> <<<

signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 0x77f131d000

Stack frame #00 pc 000000000001e088 /system/lib64/ (memcpy+280)

Stack frame #01 pc 0000000000f919a8 /data/app/ Routine v8::internal::Scavenger::ScavengeObject(v8::internal::HeapObject**, v8::internal::HeapObject*) at :?

Stack frame #02 pc 0000000000f925c4 /data/app/ Routine v8::internal::IterateAndScavengePromotedObjectsVisitor::VisitPointers(v8::internal::HeapObject*, v8::internal::Object**, v8::internal::Object**) at :?

Stack frame #03 pc 0000000000f91424 /data/app/ Routine v8::internal::Scavenger::Process(v8::internal::OneshotBarrier*) at :?

Stack frame #04 pc 0000000000d94e68 /data/app/ Routine v8::internal::ScavengingTask::RunInParallel() at :?

Stack frame #05 pc 0000000000d94c30 /data/app/ Routine v8::internal::ItemParallelJob::Task::RunInternal() at :?

Stack frame #06 pc 0000000000445e9c /data/app/ Routine v8::platform::WorkerThread::Run() at :?

Stack frame #07 pc 000000000043c080 /data/app/ Routine v8::base::ThreadEntry(void*) at :?

Stack frame #08 pc 0000000000090328 /system/lib64/ (__pthread_start(void*)+36)

Stack frame #09 pc 0000000000023a28 /system/lib64/ (__start_thread+68)

Crash dump is completed

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@slackmoehrle i need help :frowning:

I need to ask @jare to help. The team is on holiday for a few days but will get back to you.

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I got this too. and I gave the feedback to Google and XiaoMi about one year ago, but none of them could help to resolve this crash. There are lots of crashes happen every day in our game.

You could also refer to

A core developer from Google V8 team said that it’s not a bug of v8, it’s the bug of kernel inside Redmi phone.
It sucks for a year more without any one could help me.

A developer from XiaoMi said that they made some kernel optimization for memory and may probably trigger this issue, he told me to close JIT to avoid this crash on Redmi phone. I did that, but still get tons of these crashes every day.


i hope response soon ^^! thank you

I had the same problem, has anyone had any solutions yet?

We can not resolve this type of issue. What we can do is to change to use SpiderMonkey and have a try.

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