Cocos creator 3 Dynamic Atlases for sprite frames load every frame separate

Hi all, is it ok that in web build version of game if I look into Network tab in the DevTools, I see that every frame loads separately instead of one big atlas texture?
All these images have Packable enabled. Thanks.

which version?

Version 3.2.1

Thanks @Horchynskyi we’ll ask engineering to have a look.

Packable is used in Dynamic Atlas, you can consult Dynamic Atlas · Cocos Creator

Hi, I tried to turn on dynamic atlas from script, but I still see my images load separately:

If you want to see a big atlas texture, you can use Texture Packer to package before build.

So it works or not?

You can watch DrawCalls change to confirm it works or not.

Hi, I removed Packable property for all sprites and DrawCalls have the same value: 92.

If I am loading sprite frames through resources.load(), dynamic atlas should work? Thanks

I see in debugger dynamicAtlasManager has 5 atlases, but Draw Calls the same as without them.

Engineering will review this when they return from the national holiday.

I noticed the draw calls even bigger with dynamic atlas…

With Dynamic Atlas disabled:

With Dynamic Atlas enabled:

Sorry, looks like problem was with too big size of images, when I scaled down all images I got 1 draw call!!! Thanks.

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