[Cocos Creator 3.6.2] Problems using Particles on the Android platform

Hi guys? There are a lot of difficulties while building Android this time. First of all, there is a problem that comes out when the particle is running, so please share it. The error log is as follows and I have attached it as a demo file.

Log : (/Applications/CocosCreator/Creator/3.6.2/CocosCreator.app/Contents/Resources/resources/3d/engine/native/cocos/bindings/jswrapper/v8/ScriptEngine.cpp, 1148): _updateInstancedAttributes is not a function: undefined
Demo :
Archive.zip (3.7 MB)

I don’t know what the problem is. However, when this phenomenon accumulates, it seems that there is a phenomenon that the game slows down.

Ah I’m using 3D particles for a 2D project. Could there be a problem in this case?

Log (/Applications/CocosCreator/Creator/3.6.2/CocosCreator.app/Contents/Resources/resources/3d/engine/native/cocos/bindings/jswrapper/v8/ScriptEngine.cpp, 1148): _updateInstancedAttributes is not a function: undefined

  • We have found this problem, it’s a bug, we fixed it in 3.6.3, you can try to upgrade to 3.6.3 version